Catacombes, historias del subsuelo de parís

Interactive webdoc

Interactive web documentary. There are 300 km of underground galleries running beneath Paris. Entry is forbidden but there’s a group of people who frequent this ‘sub-urban’ landscape, exploring the tunnels waist-deep in water, even organizing raves in the deserted underground WW2 bunkers. For the last two years we have been working on a project called ‘Catacombes, Paris Underground Stories’. It’s an interactive documentary that explores the world 30 meters below the surface of the city of Paris. What makes people go down there, what do they do every night?

The viewer can choose his or her own route, led by a group of explorers.Catacombs is an interactive web documentary designed to be distributed on the Internet, taking advantage of the opportunities that new technologies offer for the development of new narrative models. The audience is at the center of the story and able to make decisions that influence the progress of the narrative. The viewer can decide at any moment what to watch, or what path to follow. Interaction is available throughout the documentary, and the interface constantly offers choices: which way do you want to go?